Top Cruelty Free, Clean Makeup Brands You Need To Know About

You can find thousands of brands who claim they are clean, organic, vegan, eco-friendly and don’t test their products on animals. But can you be sure?

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No doubt the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar market and is growing exponentially each year. However, it can be challenging for conscious consumers to find honest, clean brands when many claims go un-checked and the use of ‘organic’ and ‘cruelty free’ can often be put on a product but never verified. With seemingly unlimited choices and new names coming onto the market every day, who are we to trust?

To solve this problem we’ve compiled a list of the top cruelty-free, clean makeup brands for 2019.

Top cruelty-free makeup brands in 2019

Here is a list of top cruelty-free makeup brands offering customers 100% organic makeup products. Cruelty-free makeup refers to cosmetic products they do not test on animals at any stage of development. Vegan means that the products include none animal-derived ingredients. Each are 100% safe to use and contain no harmful ingredients.

Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is one of the biggest names in the makeup industry and is famous because of its cruelty-free products. None of their products are tested on animals at any stage of product development and according to their mission statement, they never will. The brand claims they don’t contract with any third parties to conduct any kind of animal testing. Paul’s Choice is a transparent and trustworthy brand for makeup products.

See a few of our favorites below!

Drunk Elephant

Another big name in the makeup industry—Drunk Elephant is a makeup brand which is also known as a cruelty-free and natural skincare brand. All the products offered by this brand are 100% cruelty-free which means they never test on animals. The best thing about this brand is they don’t sell their skincare products in Mainland China because there, by law, skin care products must be tested on animals. Drunk Elephant also offers vegan skin care products. So whether you’re looking for sunblock, serums, cleansers or toners, Drunk Elephant is your best choice. Here are some of our top picks!


Tarte is the leading name in the skincare industry for the best cruelty-free, paraben, and synthetics free skincare products. All the products by Tarte are formulated after thorough research and if you’re looking for a diverse range of skincare products you can trust, Tarte is your best choice. They use only cruelty-free ingredients and believe in saving the environment. With so many products to choose from, we’ve added just a few of our favorites below!  

INKA Cosmetics

INIKA is 100% Certified Cruelty Free with 100% natural ingredients used in every product. They guarantee that no animals or their habitats were affected in the making of your product. Their organic make-up has won over 35 awards for product excellence and innovation, even beating big name brands in open categories. Eco-conscious consumers, all over the world, are falling in love with the INIKA brand. Check out what we love from INKA!

The good news is: the beauty industry is significantly shifting toward a more cruelty-free approach for creating and introducing products. It’s a basic equation of supply and demand. If consumers begin purchasing products that are organic, clean, sustainable and cruelty free, then the producers will have no choice but to make the change.

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